Resilience Weekend Workshop

Building Resilience to Stress Less Weekend Workshop 

We can blame our parenting style, feel embarassed about how our children behave, be angry and resentful with the kids  because they are so challenging....There are many reasons why children are challenging and feeling guilty or hopeless about it will not help. Join Stressed Parent founder Gill Tree for an afternoon of hints and tips to manage your stress and build resilience to the behaviour of the most challenging child (whilst also developing some strategies to reduce that challenging behaviour).  View details of our full course here.

Suitable for those with children under 12.


Gill is providing 2.5 hour weekend workshops in London, Buckinghamshire and the SouthWest. Please register your interest here stating your nearest town/city in your message

What people say about Gill and her courses

‘Great trainer – set us all at ease immediately’

‘Gill has a calming approach in her delivery.’ 

‘This course will allow me to explore areas in my life that I have put to one side but need addressing to give me the life I desire.’

‘A very enjoyable day which made you face up to issues and gave you information on how to deal with them.’ 

‘I really enjoyed this thought provoking course.  Gill is an excellent trainer – thanks very much – every parent should have the opportunity to do this course.’

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Member of the International Stress Management Association

Member of the International Stress Management Association 

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