From Hostility To Harmony, Changing Challenging Behaviour With Non Violent Resistance

Do you have a controlling child who challenges your authority? Do you often feel manipulated? Have you been on the receiving end of swearing, aggression and even violence? Child to parent violence happens more frequently than you might imagine, you are not alone.

I started Stressed Parent in 2014 having become a stressed parent myself when I became a single adopter in 2011 to a highly traumatised and challenging three-year old boy. Originally a stress management trainer to industry, I started providing resilience programmes to parents and carers and have since specialised in mentoring parents of violent, aggressive and controlling children.

I have walked in the shoes of many adopters who are on the receiving end of defiance, aggression, manipulation and other controlling behaviours, providing me with a unique empathy and understanding.

We received a lot of therapy, but it was Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) that turned things around. I became so convinced in the method that she trained in it professionally. Happily, Gill and her teenage son now have a very harmonious family life. (well mostly).

The aim of NVR is to re-establish parental presence in the child's mind, develop a co-operative, more harmonious relationship and for ;the balance of power to be addressed. This is particularly relevant with the physically violent child where the child's aggression is often towards the mother.

By signing up to a programme of NVR you will learn an empowering and non-physical method for you to manage and connect with your child to reduce and eradicate a child's challenging behaviour and learn how to stop child violence.

An important part of NVR is to enlist support for the carers or parents with a violent child.

The NVR parenting principles are excellent for any family and for children of any age, including adult children. The e-course on its' own may be sufficient. However, following the e-course whilst also receiving mentoring is the most beneficial and the changes  the most long-lasting. Consider mentoring if you are feeling, helpless, hopeless, overwhelmed, anxious  and even bullied by your child.

Gill has really helped us to manage our daughter’s behaviour. We realise now that we had fallen into the trap of giving in to our daughter’s demands and at the same time losing any respect she had for us. With Gill’s calmly-delivered and non-judgmental, personal help, we have developed our “parental presence”, and now feel we have got our daughter back - at the age of 20!

David T

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In this E-Course Gill  will teach you to put into practice the NVR principles enabling you to;

  1. Stop or interrupt the volcano eruptions, through self-regulation, humour and distraction
  2. Maintain everyone’s dignity
  3. Enlist support from within the family and community
  4. Increase your presence (influence) through several kinds of considered and organised protest whilst ensuring there are regular relationship building activities
  5. Repair your relationship with your child through reconciliation
  6. Conduct persistent peaceful protests recognising that change takes time
  7. Disrupt the learnt and patterned negative behaviour of the child
  8. Practise extreme self-care and meet your own needs
  9. Create more harmony at home
  10. De-escalate conflict during emotionally charged incidents
  11. Recognise the triggers
  12. Understand the drama triangle
  13. Practice parental disobedience
  14. Develop better communication
  15. Learn how to discipline using natural consequences

Whilst we can’t change our child overnight we can change the behaviour overtime, whilst also becoming the parent we want to be.

The e-course  includes;

  • 8 hours of videos provided in 12 units ideally viewing one a week
  • workbook and handouts 
  • online activities
  • One year's access
  • fully responsive 
  • Pause, stop and rewind the film and re-watch each lesson as frequently as you need

The Full Package 

  • 12 x one hour private mentoring sessions via zoom- usually daytime and weekly, at a time to suit both parties, and it is advisable for both parents/carers to attend 
  • Gill's e-course from Hostility to Harmony comprising 8 hours of videos provided as 12 units 

The Cohort Option

  • Gill's e-course from Hostility to Harmony comprising 8 hours of videos provided as12 units 
  • Join Gill with eleven other parents via Zoom, for six fortnightly, two-hour sessions to support you into putting into effect all the NVR principles covered in the e-course




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Member of the International Stress Management Association 

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