What some Stressed Parents had to say

Published on 12th March 2018

What some Stressed Parents had to say


I find it to be a very useful resource and presented in a very calm manner which is so important if you're a stressed out parent watching it! The workbook is easy to use and not overwhelming, again a plus point for stressed parents and I have been extremely tired, stressed and overwhelmed myself this past few weeks but I have found that I look forward to carving out a bit of time for myself to sit down and go through your e-course. It has helped me gain perspective on my stresses and stressors and helped validate how essential it is for me to look after myself and to be able to start the discussion with my husband and admit I am not coping with the current situation. We have talked about an actual action plan, starting with some quick fixes and then to move on to more substantial lifestyle changes that will help me be a less stressed parent to my lovely 6 year old and my rather challenging 14 month old. Julinie Mohamad Nasir


I think it is a well done course and will benefit many parents out there. I loved the section on attachment styles, understanding the child's behaviours from a multi-sensory point of view and the natural remedies you talk about, particularly as I am a paediatric physiotherapist and while I am aware of all these things, perhaps a lot of laypeople are blissfully unaware of the simple but VERY important aspects of child development and how important simple touch can be to a child having difficulties.


So, the things I liked best were; the calm and reassuring manner you have in the videos. The video is clear and feels personal to the listener. I feel able to listen and process what you're saying as the pace and tone are just right. I like the fact that the setting looks homely (I smiled when I spotted your cat cleaning her fur in the background!) and these things help me to engage - it feels relevant and I can relate to it.

I found the science/facts interesting - the stress curve for example was enlightening and makes perfect sense now when I watch the process of 'getting stressed' - I can tell where I (or my child) is on the curve at the moment - it really helps to be able to stop it escalating when I picture it as 'thing which is happening in my brain' - being able to label the process and see it as a third party helps me to almost step away from it and hence think rationally about bringing it back to normal levels.

The workbook is a brilliant idea and I liked breaking from the video to 'do an activity'. This makes the whole experience relevant to ME and MY situation. The activities were thought-provoking and interesting. They were nice and short so not overwhelming and didn't feel like 'homework'! I like the fact that the workbook can be used for future reference too - great for embedding all those useful skills we're learning. Claire Mills




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"This is a brilliant course for people who want some real life tips and pointers for managing their stress and becoming more resilient. The course is easy to access and can be done in your own time in your own home. This isn't just a video, this is an interactive course which enables you to learn and then practice new ideas.The workbook contains activities that highlight areas where you can make changes to your life and reassures you about how well you are managing already. The goals in this course are positive yet realistic, they are helpful and manageable and they are all within reach in a short time. I really enjoyed it, thank you and I will be use my new found skills every day."

- Claire Mills -

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Member of the International Stress Management Association 

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