Parenting Stress Expert Gill Tree Provides Workshop in Somerset

Published on 31st May 2018

Press Release 31st May 2018 For Immediate Use.

Single Mum from Frome Becomes Stress Expert to Parents with Challenging Children

Children who have suffered trauma or who have challenges such as autism or have been through the care system can often be aggressive, defiant, manipulative, angry, oppositional, dishonest and non-communicative.

The angst of being a parent of a challenging child can lead to parents having a myriad of feelings including being angry, feeling persecuted, inadequate, helpless, anxious, rejected, depressed, resentful, overwhelmed, manipulated, ashamed, confused and exhausted.

In 1989 Gill Tree, founder of became lost in the African jungle on her own on the sides of Mount Kenya. She emerged 5 days later a very different person, having discovered a level of resilience, resourcefulness and creativity that she now helps others tap into. She became fascinated by how the mind works during survival and pressure situations and taught stress management in industry for over 20 years.

After becoming single in 2009 Gill became a foster carer and then went on to adopt her son when he was 3 in 2011. The strain of being a single parent of a very challenging child was huge and Gill had to change tack in her professional life and learn how to become a therapeutic parent.

She now provides training, e-courses, mentoring and therapy to increase resilience in parents with challenging children and improve bonding whilst reducing the challenging behaviour.

Gill has also created an interactive film based e-course Building Resilience to Stress Less for families, making the training fully accessible for the stressed out parent and for couples to work through together in the privacy of their own home, with skype mentoring if required.

Gill with be going around the South West to provide Building Resilience to Parenting Stress Evening Workshops. The first one is on Wednesday 27th June 2018, 7.30-9.00pm at Trinity First School in Frome.  Gill would be very happy to hear from anyone who would like Gill to provide the workshop in their area.

Parents will gain techniques to manage their stress and build resilience to the behaviour of the most challenging child (whilst also developing some strategies to reduce that challenging behaviour). Suitable for those with children under 12.

Tickets are just £6 and can be purchased here


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"It has helped me gain perspective on my stresses and stressors and helped validate how essential it is for me to look after myself and to be able to start the discussion with my husband. We have talked about an actual action plan, starting with some quick fixes and then to move on to more substantial lifestyle changes that will help me be a less stressed parent."

- Julinie Mohamad Nasir -

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Member of the International Stress Management Association

Member of the International Stress Management Association 

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