Parent Support - Blocked Care

Published on 19th February 2018

Dan Hughes and Jonathan Baylin in 2012 identified and named a syndrome they called Blocked care.

Their research shows that if you don’t get enough positive strokes back from the person you care for you can literally turn into old playdoh.  Your ability to empathise and care for your child is reduced so that parenting becomes a chore.

Parenting whilst in stressed out survival mode makes us defensive, reactive, unable to emotionally regulate and empathise.

Blocked care involves the shutting down of the part of the brain called the cingulate where emotional pain is usually registered as part of a parent’s empathic response to a child’s distress. 

The best way out of this is extreme self care. You need to put yourself first some of the time, do the things you love and start loving yourself a little bit more. Everyone will benefit from a healthy, happy you and your realtionship with your family will start to improve too. 


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"A very useful resource and presented in a very calm manner which is so important if you're a stressed out parent watching it! The workbook is easy to use and not overwhelming, again a plus point for stressed parents and I have found that I look forward to carving out a bit of time for myself to sit down and go through your e-course. "

- Julinie Mohamad Nasir -

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Member of the International Stress Management Association

Member of the International Stress Management Association 

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