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Parenting support to create a more harmonious and enjoyable family life 

We become parents to bring more joy and fulfilment into our lives but in reality the stress of having a challenging child (for whatever reason), can be immense. You are likely to be here because you are suffering from hugely stressful, challenging behaviour from your child(ren) and are desperate to get life back onto an even keel. The behaviour could be violence, aggression, defiance, opposition, control or manipulation. 

Stressed Parent offers mentoring and e-learning, taught by parents who have lived experience of Child to Parent Violence who are also professionally trained in their field of expertise. We know that as incredibly busy people you wont necessarily have time to go to live courses. E-learning also offers a level of privacy not  available at a live course. 

Our unique resilience e-courses created specifically for stressed parents such as our 20 hour “Building  Resilience to Stress Less” and "From Hostility to Harmony- Changing Challenging Childrens Behaviour" will help you regain control and create more harmony in your home.  Sign up today for our free trial. 

We also offer one to one mentoring and group work all via Zoom. 



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"I just wanted to thank you for the very informative and enjoyable course. I loved your practical and playful approach and your warm sense of humour. It was so reassuring  and comforting to know that you could understand and relate to our personal challenges. Time really flew by and I came away with lots of practical and sensible advice that I was eager to share with my husband. I couldn't stop smiling on my way home!

The following evening when my son was getting a bit wound up and unreasonable, my hubby put into practice your "Tarzan" tip and, much to our amusement, it worked!! Our son was so surprised at his dad's sudden response that we all burst out laughing. Thank you for a life-changing day!!" Valeria Ventura

Testimonials about our stressed parent course

"The video is clear and feels personal to the listener. I feel able to listen and process what you're saying as the pace and tone are just right. I found the science/facts interesting - the stress curve for example was enlightening and makes perfect sense now when I watch the process of 'getting stressed' The workbook is a brilliant idea and I liked breaking from the video to 'do an activity'. The activities were thought-provoking and interesting. They were nice and short so not overwhelming and didn't feel like 'homework'! I like the fact that the workbook can be used for future reference too - great for embedding all those useful skills we're learning."

- Claire Mills -

"I think it is a well done course and will benefit many parents out there. I loved the section on attachment styles, understanding the child's behaviours from a multi-sensory point of view and the natural remedies you talk about, particularly as I am a paediatric physiotherapist and while I am aware of all these things, perhaps a lot of laypeople are blissfully unaware of the simple but VERY important aspects of child development and how important simple touch can be to a child having difficulties."

- Julinie Mohamad Nasir -

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